These are the four pillars of our values at Smith Contract.  Hover over each for more details on how these impact our relationships with our customers.

Our team understands the importance of listening. Each of our customers has their own unique, specific goal to accomplish when trusting us with the furniture needs. We are focused on making sure we fully understand that goal and will use all resources at our disposal to help our customers achieve it. 


Probably one of the most undervalued assets in today's business world is timely communication. At Smith Contract we are adamant, from the top down, about effectively communicating with our customers and project team members. 


When working with an agile, experienced team like Smith Contract our clients have access to over 50 years of combined industry experience at their fingertips. Our executive team is actively engaged, while our staff is empowered to make immediate, impactful decisions to help drive the successful completion of our client's projects.


The cornerstone of the Smith Contract Mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers. A lot of hard work goes into making this happen, but it is truly what sets us apart from the competition.